Our Approach

Capital City Lighthouse Charter School offers educational experiences that suit the needs of all students through the use of individual learning plans that set and measure each scholar’s progress towards meeting their academic goals. Customized plans help our scholars achieve grade level and college readiness standards in manner that increases their confidence as learners. We provide tools and resources that children in grades K to 5 need to develop academically and personally, in addition to expanding their opportunities to think creatively and exposing them to a variety of cultural experiences.

Our Expectations

We work to develop greatness in our scholars. Our curriculum allows scholars to practice collaboration, teaches them how to exercise discipline in their academic and personal pursuits, and teaches them the importance of contributing to their community.


Our Model of Scholarly Habits

Developing scholarly routines is important for scholars as they strive to meet the high expectations established by our academy. We give them skills they need to develop habits and mindsets that prepare them for a successful college experience. Our approach to the development of the habits that we call A.C.E.S. consists of the following:

Active Community Membership

Active Community Membership demonstrated by their ability to identify and make positive contributions to the many different kinds of communities of which they are a part.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking as demonstrated by their ability to problem solve, make decisions, and consider multiple strategies and perspectives when answering questions, approaching challenges, and interacting with others.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication demonstrated by their ability to read, speak, listen, and write with clarity, accuracy, authenticity, and conviction across various domains.

Self-Direction and Self-Management

Self-direction and Self-management demonstrated by their ability to take initiative with their learning and work, ask and answer questions, and understand that they are ultimately responsible for their future.

College and Beyond

To and Through

CCLCS believes it is important to start exposing children to college and career opportunities as early as the elementary level. As early as kindergarten, teachers begin to plant seeds about college and careers so students get an early start in preparing for a successful future. We believe that children can become what they see.


Shine A Light

Our Teachers

Our teachers do so much more than deliver curriculum. They are the driving force behind the fulfillment of the CCLCS mission. In addition to educating our scholars, they are often mentors who shape the lives of the next generation of leaders.