College and Beyond

To and Through

We go beyond making sure our scholars are academically prepared for the journey to higher education. Our scholars and their families often need support in navigating the college admissions process and securing financial aid and other resources to fund their education. We work closely with them to make sure they have the guidance they need to continue their education. Our scholars are the proof that our programs work with over 80% of our students matriculating to college each year.

We have developed the following strategies to help our students reach their career goals through higher education:

  • Starting in kindergarten, we begin preparing our scholars for success in high school and beyond by planting the seeds to aspire to college and career. Each homeroom class adopts a college and mascot to learn about and represent for the year. We incorporate virtual college and university tours during each of our Town Hall assemblies with the scholars, exposing them to a variety of schools throughout the year. Our upper elementary classes participate in activities at local universities to learn and experience college life.

  • Our scholars gain exposure to a wide variety of schools throughout the school year by participating in college and university campus tours and through visits from recruiting agents of prestigious higher learning institutions. We focus on the many career fields that these particular colleges and universities specialize in so our scholars can see the exciting possibilities available to them after earning a degree from one of these institutions.

  • In addition to providing college guidance, we are committed to ensuring that each scholar has a multitude of career opportunities as well. We believe that this well-rounded approach to college and career preparation will allow each scholar to pursue the path of their own desire.