Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter Schools


Your child deserves a guide to navigate their future in this ever-changing world. At Arkansas Lighthouse Charter Schools, we lead scholars to discover their own unique passions and interests, while simultaneously showing them how to make positive impacts on their community. If you’re looking for a place where your child can explore how their interests can help make a difference, enroll at Arkansas Lighthouse Charter Schools today.

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The first school in Central Arkansas opened its doors to families in 2009. Since then Arkansas Lighthouse Charter Schools have become invaluable in assisting Central Arkansas scholars exceed their educational and life-long goals. Our college and career preparatory programs have expanded to include five campuses in Arkansas, where students excel in developing scholarly habits, becoming innovative thinkers and growing into well-rounded individuals. We’re preparing scholars to be the next generation of industry leaders, ground-breaking scientists and agents of social change.

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  • Jacksonville Lighthouse Elementary Campus (K-4th) 501-985-1200

  • Jacksonville Lighthouse Flightline Middle School Campus (5-8th) 501-988-1085

  • Jacksonville Lighthouse High School Campus (9-12th) 501-985-1228