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Message from the Superintendent

lashawnda noel, head of school

Welcome to our school community where we focus on P.L.A.Y. - Prioritizing Literacy and Achievement Year-round! Our goal is to create a sense of joy and love for literacy and learning. Check out our initiatives and join our movement and conversation as we transform the education space. Every Scholar, Every Voice, Every Day!

- LaShawnDa Noel, Lead P.L.A.Y. Maker

Our Approach

We deliver a curriculum that empowers our scholars to succeed in the classroom & beyond.
students and staff member working on electricity experiement
Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships among all members of our community enable our culture of collaboration, and empower all members of our community to take academic risks and embrace growth.

The Primary Promise

We promise to prioritize explicit literacy instruction so that by third grade, all scholars have both strong literacy foundation and social-emotional skills.

student posing in scientist white jacket
The Purpose of School

We know that the real purpose of school is to prepare scholars to activate their hopes and dreams, to be changemakers, and to significantly impact the community around them.

two students work on science project with food dye
Growth Mindset

Our mission's heart belief is that we can all continuously grow in our capacity as authentic contributors for the effective implementation of our shared vision for our school.

ARLCS Enrighment Programs